The world's largest entrepreneurship training program

| in-class or online

Learn step by step how to generate business ideas , implement and grow your business following the official curriculum developed by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The Curriculum includes the business game meetings which will help you inter field of work , immigration and building business relationships and enterprises on a large scale.

"Generate Your Business Idea" training program

Training program for people who want to start a business and aspire to develop the business leadership skills.

"Start Your Business" training program

training programme for potential entrepreneurs who have a feasible business idea for your enterprise , it helps to :

"Improve Your Business" training program

Is a management training programme for owners and managers of enterprises who want to improve the performance of their business. This programme will help develop the business management skills. After the training you can obtain a certificate or a degree accredited by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

"Expand Your Business" training program

It is a material based business management training package for growth-oriented entrepreneurs.

"PMT / TOT" trainer and consultant program

Put your experiences at the service of companies and economic institutions

Project Cycle Management | PCM program

For national project coordinators, project managers, national development planners and staff of non-governmental organizations ONG

Calendar of business games training forums (face-to-face)
* ILO Accreditations *

CountryDurationTimingStarting priceTourist supplementChild under 12 years oldRemote program participants (discounts)
Algeria5 dayslast week of every month500 $350 $200 $300 $
Dubai6 daysfirst trimester vacation (month 12)
Tunis6 dayssecond trimester vacation (month 4)
Turkey6 daysthird trimester vacation (month 6)
Malaysia10 daysthird trimester vacation (month 7)

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